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Mickey - Owner

After working for Crevier BMW for 12 years, Mickey struck out on his own in 1996 and created Bullet Performance. He has never looked back!

Terry - Service Manager

Terry is a long time BMW Enthusiast who brings his excitement and interpersonal skills to ensure a pleasant customer experience. In his free time Terry enjoys time with his family, riding his bike, and certainly the occasional beer.

Ben - Parts

Ben, Mickey's oldest son, first started interacting with Bullet during his prenatal days, but starting in 2017 he took on the title of parts manager. Should your BMW need parts for repair or accessories for enhancement, Ben is your guy! In his free time Ben enjoys digital painting as well as writing. He is an avid music listener and still occasionally enjoys playing video games.

Adam - Technician

Adam's the kind of guy who will drop what he's doing to help you any time you ask. He enjoys cycling, beer, firearms, and photography.

Alex - Technician

Alex's automotive career first began with drag racing fabrication work which helped him transition to restoring DeTomaso Panteras. Nowadays Alex's restoration/fabrication work takes a backseat to helping us keep BMWs on the road. On weekends you'll find Alex elbow-deep in car projects, watching motorsports on TV, and enjoying his second passion that is photography.

Byron - Technician

With a diverse history in both performance and dealer service Byron has been a great addition to the Bullet technician staff. He is also a welder, which comes in handy for those pesky E46 M3 subframes. He loves classic BMWs and playing with his kittens.

Aaron - Technician

Aaron was recruited by us due to his excellent customer service skills, attention to detail, and and his passion for motorsport. With a background in motorcycle racing and a slew of trophies to boot, Aaron's fit has been nothing short of perfect here.

Khalil - Technician

Khalil has been wrenching on cars since his Pennsylvania highschool days as a hobby. Fortunately Khalil was able to follow his passion (and the sun) into a successful automotive repair career here in California. Khalil enjoys spending time with friends, restoring older BMWs, and thinking about his girlfriend who lives two thousand miles away

Chad - Shop Foreman

Chad comes to us with a strong background in automotive service and many years working on the international motorsport circuit. Chad interests include surfing and botany.

ppointment with you and go over all you questions and concerns.

Manuel - Technician Assistant

Manuel grew up working on cars since he was old enough to help his family members and neighbors in rural Guatemala. Since moving to the U.S.,, 'Manny' spent 17 years working between Lotus of North America and an independent Lotus garage here in Costa Mesa.

Michaela - Service Reception

Michaela's father exposed her to racing while she was a toddler and that's when the Bullet connection was made. The BMW brand and Bullet have since been a regular part of her life. In Michaela's free time, she enjoys random adventures with friends, travelling (especially England), photography, listening to music, spending time with family.

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