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Do you only service BMW and MINI?

This is correct. Since 1996 we have solely specialized in BMWs. Circa 2003 we added MINI to our menu!

Do I need an appointment?

Appointments are almost always needed, we are usually booked out 2-3 days in advance. Easiest way to book an appointment is calling us at 714-556-4269.

Are you open on the weekends?

Unfortunately we are not, but we are pleased to say that we keep extremely productive during the week.

Do you offer a shuttle service?

Yes we do! Always our pleasure to help you get to where you need to go within a 7.5 mile radius.

Do you offer loaner vehicles?

We do not have a loaner fleet but can help you coordinate with Enterprise Rent-a-Car with our special daily rate of $27.99 with them.

Will I be charged for diagnosis?

If it is just checking out fault codes or Check Engine Light codes, stop by whenever for a free diagnosis. If we need to put the car on the lift and have one of our techs inspect it, we do charge.

How long has Bullet Performance been around?

Mickey founded Bullet Performance here on our same street (Enterprise St, Costa Mesa) in February of 1996.

Do you have a waiting area / lounge that offers WiFi?

Absolutely! We have a sitting area as well as a couple of work stations.

What are my payment options?

Bullet Performance Engineering, Inc. accepts AMEX, VISA, MasterCard, Debit and Cash. We do not accept checks of any kind, sorry. Call us for any other inquries.

How often do I need an Oil Change?

The general rule for oil changes on any vehicle is every 5,000 miles. We recommend following the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure the peak performance of your vehicle. Consult with our auto repair experts for more information.

How often should my brake system be inspected?

According to the manufacturer’s recommendation, the brake system should be inspected every 12 months.

What should I do if my “check engine” light comes on?

When the check engine light comes on in your vehicle it doesn’t necessarily signal a need for major repairs. To be certain, have your vehicle checked by a professional. Visit the service pages on this site for more information.

Do you offer transmission maintenance services?

Bullet Performance Engineering, Inc. offers inspection and transmission flush services that include filter, gasket and fluid replacement.

Is preventative maintenance important?

Yes. If your vehicle is properly maintained it will last longer, operate more efficiently and save you money in the long run. Your owner’s manual outlines recommended maintenance schedules for your vehicle. Just like anything in life, proper upkeep is key.

Do you offer smog tests for out of state cars?

Bullet Performance Engineering, Inc. does provide smog tests for cars that are from out of state. Whether you’re in town for an extended period of time or have decided to become a permanent resident but your license and information has not been updated, don’t worry.

My car is leaking clear fluid, is that dangerous?

Liquid leaking from a vehicle is usually a sign that something is wrong. The clear liquid may just be water condensation which can come from the AC. This is perfectly normal. However, it could be brake fluid which can be clear though is usually a yellowish hue. Brake fluid will have an oily feel and a medium thickness.

My car smells funny but it is running fine, should I be worried?

The moment your vehicle begins emitting an odor, it is time to bring it in for service. There are certain smells that mean different things, and can signal almost anything. From a stuck brake, overheated engine, a leak in the fuel system, or even an electrical short.

What is your shop rate?

Our shop rate is $150 an hour, alignments are $180. Oil changes vary anywhere from $135-$220 for gasoline powered cars, $230-$280 for diesel powered cars.

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